Friday, 27 June 2014

Trash Daytime TV

I am currently between courses and between jobs. So when I’m not reading I tend to pick up on the bag of dog shit that is daytime TV. There’s one show in particular that is utter trash, without naming it directly, it’s the one with the silver fox and all the reality show rejects reading out the most mental of people’s tweets about the show. To think that there are people who sit there watching this shit and then want to join in by tweeting bullshit about it makes me realize that this generation is full blow fucked!
Anyway the last couple of times I’ve been unlucky enough to turn my TV on to this tripe, I’ve seen stories about a 30-year-old guy who has multiple girlfriends and in a massive twist to the story it turns out they are all 60+ women, some as old as 90. Sick fuck they branded him a “cougar chaser” which I suppose is less offensive as “pervert”. This guy was like the opposite of a pedophile, and I couldn’t help but sit there and wonder why the granny snatcher was the way he was and what he gets out of it? You know apart from all the hard candies and the fact that they’ve probably got a free bus pass so it doesn’t cost them anything to meet you. Thinking about it I think they were all American so I have no idea as to whether they would have free bus passes, but I’m guessing the hard candies things still the same.
Just when you think they’d sunk as low as low can be with trash TV. This morning I caught the end of what appeared to be a woman who collects these creepy dolls with china faces and that… wait for the major plot twist again… they all have the spirits of dead people living in them. I don’t know what to say apart from maybe this woman should be sectioned? I mean I guess she’s not harming anyone except the viewers many of whom probably felt dumber having watched this shit, which I know I certainly did.
Other stories I have caught in the past have been; a couple who think they’re vampires and drink human blood, “mmmm hepatitis” and a couple that drank their own piss, “mmmm asparagus”. How do ‘stories’ like these get put on TV? I mean can you imagine being the guy who choses what gets put on the show? “Now there’s a guy who eats food by shoving it up his ass or a woman who thinks her Labrador is the reincarnated spirit of Anne Frank, it’s a tough one but lets go with Anne Frank the Labrador”.
This show is so infuriatingly awful that I find myself having to watch it from time to time just to see what crazy ass holes they’ve rounded up. This said I do feel dumber every time I watch it and thus feel obligated to read a few chapters of a book directly after as a sort of mental redemption in the hope that there is no lasting damage, in fact I prescribe that for every ten minutes of this shit you watch, you read a chapter of a book, preferably something factual that is challenging and that you will learn something from and expand your mind.